My good and bad of the Publish2 revamp

The Publish2 revamp has thrown me for a loop. That’s not fun. But this is not an angry post, or even one meant to be critical.

I am a great fan of Publish2. From its early days as a sort of inside journalism link-sharing service to its new, ambitious goal of being a full-fledged newswire, distributing across websites and print a customized, a la carte, better Associated Press (well, here’s more on that), I’ve enjoyed following its progress.

I’ve even used Publish2 a bit, posting links to stories I find useful for the blogging subject matter I’ve written about here, or simply things that I wanted to pass along. I’ve long been one of those people who enjoys stories, facts and anecdotes, as well as passing them along to interested people. It started in person, and it’s migrated through the years on e-mail, AIM, my old personal blog, Facebook and Twitter. Publish2 is an easy way to collect those links while still getting the word out, if I desire, through Facebook (via Selective Tweets).

After all, we forget that news can be the biggest driver of social media. We all want to be the town crier, and in this age, we can. Publish2 provides another avenue toward easing that task.

But now, with the revamp, I can’t find my old links. They only go back to May 26. The widget to the right of this post is only displaying one of those links. My “clips” — not really important, but a nice page to link to my meager writings — are gone. I thought this step forward would not mean starting over. Is this the case?

It turns out, those links aren’t gone forever — this Twitter status points out, “We’re importing old links in batches at the moment.” And the clips? Well, they are supposed to be somewhere, though they aren’t at the moment.

That’s good news. I wish I had gotten an e-mail about that — and if I did, my apologies, Publish2 folks. I guess I read over it. (I wish, too, that publishing the link to Twitter could be returned to the opt-out status I was able to use before — instead of either on or off in all cases.)

But I can be patient. After all, I’m merely using Publish2 for myself, not for a truly journalistic blog and not for a news organization. And the site has a lot of change to juggle right now, so there are bound to be some hiccups. I could be missing something — I browsed the FAQ but could easily have missed something.
And let me emphasize: While I don’t pretend to be an expert on what Publish2 is, or even how to quite use all its features, I think it’s a smart, innovative and gambling organization in a field that desperately needs such people. 

One thought on “My good and bad of the Publish2 revamp

  1. Hi James —

    I apologize for the confusion. We're in the process of link migration, and the next batch should run back to Jan. 1, 2010. Over the next few days, we'll reach back another leap at a time until the migration is done. And yes, all your clips are intact and will appear in a Newsgroup just for them.

    For more control over which links you post to Twitter, simply create a new Newsgroup for links you'd like to send there, connect it via OAuth, and check the box for that Newsgroup in your bookmarklet whenever you'd like to post a link to Twitter.

    We have sent out a series of emails over the last two weeks, depending on which Publish2 features you were using, and a summary of the changes has been up at since the announcement of News Exchange at TechCrunch Disrupt.

    If you have any questions, feel free to hit us up directly at

    Ryan Sholin
    Director of News Innovation


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