How to tell if you’re a content farm

Your writing is created according to a template based on number of words or posts, not by relevance, quality or topic, as that’s been decided for you by SEO. You’re paying a puny lump sum, or nothing at all pending advertising and paid views.

Also a sign: You vehemently defend your brand of journalism by going on the attack, trotting out a few testimonials and making plans to for an IPO despite showing little to no evidence of profitability. You may also achieve the amazing feat of having writing so ridiculous that it defies parody.

Well, one Tumblr account is rising to that challenge. From The Content Farm, an excerpt on “How To Pour Milk”:

  1. Stop pouring when the glass, cup, mug, bowl, teacup, small pitcher, measuring cup or saucer is almost full. Do this by again lifting the container by using your arm and hand, so the opening faces in an upwards direction towards the ceiling.
  2. If you spill any milk, do not cry.
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