I wrote about moving beyond Yahoo and making telecommuting work

This is up at SmartBlogs right now. Three wonderful, smart people with experience in telecommuting gave me fantastic thoughts on how to make working at home work for your company.

A quick excerpt:

What inspires your work-at-home policies? Views from the C-suite, an entrepreneur and the home office

I asked three people who deal with telecommuting every day for their thoughts. At the broadest level, they had three keys:

  1. Being prepared: Know what your company’s DNA is like and what you’d like to accomplish before enacting a work-from-home policy.
  2. Communication: HR and leadership must communicate the policy and monitor it afterward, and teams must communicate with each other (and maybe even more than when everyone is physically present).
  3. Technology: Far-flung employees can benefit from technology that brings them together, but they can also be isolated by it when it comes to innovation, collaboration and interaction.
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