What I wrote (and didn’t write) in 2015

I didn’t write as much as I hoped to this year. Part of this was being on a federal grand jury, part of it was having the flu twice (yes, really). But part of it was just not setting aside the mental space. I will be working on the latter in 2016.

What do I want to write about that’s not about work? That’s a good question. What gets me excited, and where can I contribute something original and thoughtful? There are a couple of ideas, and more reflection may light the way.

All that said, I still did do some writing, mostly at my Leadership blog I run for SmartBrief: http://www.smartblogs.com/author/jdasilva

And one of those pieces will be part of a great free series David Burkus is running called “New Year, New Leader.” I’m humbled to be part of this group of 16 (more) accomplished people, and I hope my advice has some practicality for those of us not in the “leadership space.”

So, that’s my year. Looking next year to write more, intelligently and thoughtfully, while maintaining perspective.

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