3 snapshots of news without editing

A copy desk being reduced or eliminated brings many signs of lower quality, and reporters, too, suffer when their numbers are diminished and they’re forced to “do more with less.” There are two categories of fear for journalists: The big picture, the fear that news isn’t being covered, isn’t being covered well or in enoughContinue reading “3 snapshots of news without editing”

My good and bad of the Publish2 revamp

The Publish2 revamp has thrown me for a loop. That’s not fun. But this is not an angry post, or even one meant to be critical. I am a great fan of Publish2. From its early days as a sort of inside journalism link-sharing service to its new, ambitious goal of being a full-fledged newswire,Continue reading “My good and bad of the Publish2 revamp”

Headlines that suck: "Topless" "waitress" "coffee" sounds interesting, right?

Just one for y’all this time around. It’s from The Associated Press, appearing on The Philadelphia Inquirer’s area of the Philly.com website. It’s almost the makings of a fantastic tabloid stream-of-consciousness headline, and it certainly is the makings of SEO and Web hit dreams (I came across it on the most-viewed list), but it insteadContinue reading “Headlines that suck: "Topless" "waitress" "coffee" sounds interesting, right?”