Why news personalization has flopped with users, media

Photo by samplediz Theories on the Internet’s effect on news consumption generally follow one of two themes. The first is that it frees users to find the news of interest and consequence for them — personalized news — without the constrictions of time, editor-gatekeepers and journalistic agendas. The second is that the Internet is aContinue reading “Why news personalization has flopped with users, media”

Editing is smarter when it’s collective, collaborative

This is a post about current events, but the idea is really timeless: Sharing what we know to maximize its utility. Oil, as it always does, is a key player in any discussion of world affairs, this time because of the unrest in Egypt and, now, Libya. Predictably, the futures contracts have moved upward. ThisContinue reading “Editing is smarter when it’s collective, collaborative”

Headlines are the only things that matter …

… because you won’t get a second chance, your attempts at context will be missed by many, and you’ll lose any notion of control over your content as well as any chance to guide the conversation. This is a fear and opportunity much discussed in social media, but it applies to the content your socialContinue reading “Headlines are the only things that matter …”

Necrophilia-inducing typos and other editing links: A roundup

Yeah, that headline had better bring results, or I’m going to be upset. Anyways, what’s happening in the world of copy editing, editing and journalism at large: Word Grrls notes how one missing letter on a book-seller’s site goes from the sassy, if cliche, “Dead Sexy” to the disturbingly niche “Dead Sex.” Unless that meansContinue reading “Necrophilia-inducing typos and other editing links: A roundup”

Headlines, content, audience — 3 things that must align

People generally like to read things that journalists don’t care for. And journalists tend to write things they think are must-reads, and to which the public responds — occasionally. Sometimes, the “important” stories truly are, but are never read. And often, the dumbest stories or the least journalistic are wildly popular. All of these stories,Continue reading “Headlines, content, audience — 3 things that must align”