The Guardian and the glory of Isner-Mahut

There should be some recognition for beautiful writing, especially when it’s essentially on the fly. That’s what the Guardian was able to produce today for the longest match in tennis history — and a fifth set, still not over, that alone is longer than any match the sport has seen. This excerpt is from theContinue reading “The Guardian and the glory of Isner-Mahut”

"Power Outrages": Is news coming too fast to edit?

Part 1: Typos in, editors out  There were some issues with power going in and out at locations in Los Angeles this week. The Los Angeles Times’ collaborative (with sister TV stations) breaking-news blog, L.A. Now, was all over it, reporting that though the cause wasn’t known, it wasn’t a disaster. For one, “There haveContinue reading “"Power Outrages": Is news coming too fast to edit?”