Copy editing’s best week ever?

Copy editors and their advocates have been in force during the past week or so, arguing on multiple fronts: headline creativity versus SEO obsession, the hapless life of conflict that can grip a copy editor, and the notion that editors in general are the quality assurance than any good company can’t afford not to haveContinue reading “Copy editing’s best week ever?”

No time to edit? Editors, save yourselves

Part 1 was here, albeit too many days ago. Editing is too slow, too costly and, maybe, too unnoticed in online media. Perhaps. My example-of-the-moment was the Los Angeles Times breaking-news blog, L.A. Now. Here are the three major obstacles to news editors, copy and otherwise, regaining their former prominence, as I see it: BreakingContinue reading “No time to edit? Editors, save yourselves”