Profit, media and the Web can, will co-exist

What if the Web and social media are just a Ponzi scheme? The thought’s crossed many a mind, surely, even if just in momentary frustration. Profitability is a tough slog online, seemingly tougher and less predictable than print — or what print was. For all the billion-dollar success stories, there are labors of love andContinue reading “Profit, media and the Web can, will co-exist”

Why the Christian Science Monitor may still matter

The daily newspaper is no more. It’s an operation that loses money prodigiously and may not have a defined place in journalism these days. Plus, that whole faith-based thing is guaranteed to alienate at least a few folks. But here’s what I think the Monitor offers. In a world where Facebook may not itself breakContinue reading “Why the Christian Science Monitor may still matter”