2 things to do before writing or editing

Today’s advice is simple: Read everything, and reflect. For why I keep it that simple, keep reading (and for a longer, more editing-specific version, read the wise John McIntyre). I grew up an eager reader, encouraged by my mother. I was also a quieter-than-normal kid. Well, my mind raced faster than I could communicate, soContinue reading “2 things to do before writing or editing”

Profit, media and the Web can, will co-exist

What if the Web and social media are just a Ponzi scheme? The thought’s crossed many a mind, surely, even if just in momentary frustration. Profitability is a tough slog online, seemingly tougher and less predictable than print — or what print was. For all the billion-dollar success stories, there are labors of love andContinue reading “Profit, media and the Web can, will co-exist”

Phrases that don’t make sense to today’s children, Vol. 2

One in an occasional series looking at how language changes within a lifetime. Today’s entry: “You have mass calisthenics and mechanical pitchers and moving pictures to look at to see what you’re doing wrong, and a host of other things.”  — Fred Snodgrass, baseball player from 1908-16, during the 1960s, as told in “The GloryContinue reading “Phrases that don’t make sense to today’s children, Vol. 2”