"Going forward," "stakeholders" should stop using "jargon"

Or try to. From The Economist (found at its delightful Tumblr): It is reported in London that William Hague, Britain’s foreign secretary, has been shocked by the poor spelling and jargon-infested English he finds in notes from his diplomats. Such obviously bad English isn’t reserved for government or Britain, nor is it limited to writing.Continue reading “"Going forward," "stakeholders" should stop using "jargon"”

"Modern Family" shows the value of copy editing

http://www.hulu.com/embed/MvWxTLcZIecidfIwIv1pqA/447/492(Clip from “Modern Family,” episode “Slow Down Your Neighbors”) “Modern Family” is a great show that’s criticized for not breaking much new ground (its cautious forays into the life of a gay male couple with children notwithstanding). But its strengths lies in finding new laughs and twists on old routines, and this week, the episodeContinue reading “"Modern Family" shows the value of copy editing”

"Grown Ups" — What’s wrong with that title?

Slate has an occasional feature called “Copy-editing the Culture” through its Browbeat blog — and I do mean occasional, given there are three entries since October. The most recent entry — the lamenting of the nonsensical spelling of Adam Sandler’s “Grown Ups” — has caused no small amount of Sturm und Drang among the commenters.Continue reading “"Grown Ups" — What’s wrong with that title?”