When not to be a nit-pick editor

One of the problems with hyphenation in the English language is when there are strings of words requiring them. Even normally adept writers struggle, adding hyphens where they aren’t needed or falling one hyphen short. Context is key, and there are good arguments for situations where simplifying the language to avoid hyphens is best. However,Continue reading “When not to be a nit-pick editor”

Today’s Edit: Help! There’s a hyphen!

Hyphens are underused, misused and underappreciated. To my mind, they bring clarity and intent to your words and ideas, specifically those which you wish to tie together. Grammar Monkeys offers more on the “why” of hyphens. But I can understand why people are intimidated by them, not to mention the crazy tendency of English toContinue reading “Today’s Edit: Help! There’s a hyphen!”