The JFK assassination and when events fade from memory into history

“It was a day I recall vividly like it was yesterday. We were, that very day, discussing the three branches of government (at a Miami high school) and the role of the President. I was making allusions to President Kennedy and the things he was doing when the announcement came over the speaker that heContinue reading “The JFK assassination and when events fade from memory into history”

Dead retail stores of our lives

I read a story today on Forbes’ website arguing that Best Buy, through a combination of the Internet (e.g. Amazon), poor customer service, poor internal inventory and logistics and a general societal shift away from bricks-and-mortar retailers, is slowly headed toward a rapid fall. I’ve thought for a couple of years now that Best BuyContinue reading “Dead retail stores of our lives”

My so-called farewell to copy editing

Starting today, I’m no longer a copy editor — officially, that is. After six years professionally, two in college and four in high school (if you can count whatever I thought was good editing back then), I’m moving to the editor side.At my company, that still involves line-editing, but a lot of the job isContinue reading “My so-called farewell to copy editing”

2 resources for learning the language of nuclear

The nuclear industry is like any other: It has its own terminology, with degrees of usefulness. Some terms are more accurate and precise, while others just sound nicer.But amid the unfortunate and continuing problems with Japan’s nuclear reactors, it might be good to double-check what you’re writing or editing. After all, the problems with Japan’sContinue reading “2 resources for learning the language of nuclear”

Editing is smarter when it’s collective, collaborative

This is a post about current events, but the idea is really timeless: Sharing what we know to maximize its utility. Oil, as it always does, is a key player in any discussion of world affairs, this time because of the unrest in Egypt and, now, Libya. Predictably, the futures contracts have moved upward. ThisContinue reading “Editing is smarter when it’s collective, collaborative”