2 resources for learning the language of nuclear

The nuclear industry is like any other: It has its own terminology, with degrees of usefulness. Some terms are more accurate and precise, while others just sound nicer.But amid the unfortunate and continuing problems with Japan’s nuclear reactors, it might be good to double-check what you’re writing or editing. After all, the problems with Japan’sContinue reading “2 resources for learning the language of nuclear”

"Going forward," "stakeholders" should stop using "jargon"

Or try to. From The Economist (found at its delightful Tumblr): It is reported in London that William Hague, Britain’s foreign secretary, has been shocked by the poor spelling and jargon-infested English he finds in notes from his diplomats. Such obviously bad English isn’t reserved for government or Britain, nor is it limited to writing.Continue reading “"Going forward," "stakeholders" should stop using "jargon"”