Editing is smarter when it’s collective, collaborative

This is a post about current events, but the idea is really timeless: Sharing what we know to maximize its utility. Oil, as it always does, is a key player in any discussion of world affairs, this time because of the unrest in Egypt and, now, Libya. Predictably, the futures contracts have moved upward. ThisContinue reading “Editing is smarter when it’s collective, collaborative”

If journalists don’t pay attention, who will?

Journalists are rightly called watchdogs of government, the rich and the powerful. They needn’t be the only source of investigative efforts, but their profession lends itself to the task. However, with slashed budgets and an emphasis on providing what the reader wants (or, more often, what we think the reader wants), much of the watchdogContinue reading “If journalists don’t pay attention, who will?”

Copy editing’s best week ever?

Copy editors and their advocates have been in force during the past week or so, arguing on multiple fronts: headline creativity versus SEO obsession, the hapless life of conflict that can grip a copy editor, and the notion that editors in general are the quality assurance than any good company can’t afford not to haveContinue reading “Copy editing’s best week ever?”

My good and bad of the Publish2 revamp

The Publish2 revamp has thrown me for a loop. That’s not fun. But this is not an angry post, or even one meant to be critical. I am a great fan of Publish2. From its early days as a sort of inside journalism link-sharing service to its new, ambitious goal of being a full-fledged newswire,Continue reading “My good and bad of the Publish2 revamp”