A few things I’ve written (and been quoted in) lately

I haven’t been up to a ton of writing, but I’ve not been inactive. Here’s what I’ve done in the past couple of months: SmartBlog on Leadership: Moving past performance appraisals: A conversation with Aubrey Daniels: This was a lot of fun. Aubrey is a wonderful, ornery, wise man who cuts through the theoretical noiseContinue reading “A few things I’ve written (and been quoted in) lately”

Recent work on SmartBlogs

I interview a couple of nice people recently, and despite my questions, they gave some pretty good answers. Please read more over at my work blog, SmartBlog on Leadership: Ryan Estis, on company culture and how to do it right Navigating workplace relationships: A Q-and-A with Emily Bennington

My so-called farewell to copy editing

Starting today, I’m no longer a copy editor — officially, that is. After six years professionally, two in college and four in high school (if you can count whatever I thought was good editing back then), I’m moving to the editor side.At my company, that still involves line-editing, but a lot of the job isContinue reading “My so-called farewell to copy editing”