USA Network and "White Collar" only vaguely know how to spell "judgment"

 USA Network is running promos for the season finale of “White Collar.” Now, I neither watch nor have an opinion on that show, and the idea of “season finale” has been so diluted by USA Network’s splitting up of seasons into parts that, for all I know, this could be the seventh or eighth finaleContinue reading “USA Network and "White Collar" only vaguely know how to spell "judgment"”

"Modern Family" shows the value of copy editing from “Modern Family,” episode “Slow Down Your Neighbors”) “Modern Family” is a great show that’s criticized for not breaking much new ground (its cautious forays into the life of a gay male couple with children notwithstanding). But its strengths lies in finding new laughs and twists on old routines, and this week, the episodeContinue reading “"Modern Family" shows the value of copy editing”

Would you call "penis" an obscenity? It was for "NewsRadio" It was less than 15 years ago when the sitcom “NewsRadio” could not say “penis” and be aired. “Really?” you say? Yes. Is it censorship? Well, the episode did eventually air, with some “penis” remarks still missing, but the heavy-handed editing has never really been undone — Hulu’s perpetuating it, and many of theContinue reading “Would you call "penis" an obscenity? It was for "NewsRadio"”

(Im)perfect games, Strasburg and social media

A nation saw a batter clearly beaten to first base; an umpire saw it the other way. But that mistake led not to retribution but forgiveness and tears, thawed U.S-Venezuela relations, and a realization that the whole mess made us all better, more compassionate human beings, if only for a moment. The worst team becomesContinue reading “(Im)perfect games, Strasburg and social media”