Paywalls are fine, but let’s make them more shareable

I’m trying to write more in February, and besides thing I’ll write for work, I’ll also be writing about one of the few things I know about: digital media. What do I do? In short, I get the right information, at the right time, to the right audiences. And I’d like to help media, inContinue reading “Paywalls are fine, but let’s make them more shareable”

Why you shouldn’t assume money won’t motivate

Cross-posted from LinkedIn. How many workers are going around, saying, “You know, I don’t need any more money”? Only a few of us since the recession. And as employment has returned,wages have struggled to keep pace. Money alone is insufficient to motivate employees, the popular literature says. There is more to a happy, productive employee thanContinue reading “Why you shouldn’t assume money won’t motivate”

A few things I’ve written (and been quoted in) lately

I haven’t been up to a ton of writing, but I’ve not been inactive. Here’s what I’ve done in the past couple of months: SmartBlog on Leadership: Moving past performance appraisals: A conversation with Aubrey Daniels: This was a lot of fun. Aubrey is a wonderful, ornery, wise man who cuts through the theoretical noiseContinue reading “A few things I’ve written (and been quoted in) lately”

The JFK assassination and when events fade from memory into history

“It was a day I recall vividly like it was yesterday. We were, that very day, discussing the three branches of government (at a Miami high school) and the role of the President. I was making allusions to President Kennedy and the things he was doing when the announcement came over the speaker that heContinue reading “The JFK assassination and when events fade from memory into history”

Things I’ve been writing: Covering #2013GC

I was recently out at the Milken Institute Global Conference, which is always an exhausting blur, albeit one that’s educational and fascinating. I wrote five posts from there: Conference 101 for speakers and panelists How can entrepreneurs get the financing they need? How Disney built environmental concerns into its financial planning Live from #2013GC: TalentContinue reading “Things I’ve been writing: Covering #2013GC”