Celebrating Andy Murray

Andy Murray is a winner in almost every way imaginable. He’s young, wealthy, successful, famous and, for two weeks each year, a symbol of national pride for two nations (Scotland and greater Britain). He’s also the fourth-best player in an era where the three better players could arguably be the three best ever. This makesContinue reading “Celebrating Andy Murray”

My quintessential Jorge Posada memory

A classic Posada moment: Part of the triumph, but a supporting player. (Photo: Keith Allison) Jorge Posada is not the first catcher I grew up watching. Far from it. I saw Mike Stanley have a few out-of-the-blue years of strong offense for the New York Yankees. I would go to one or two Orioles gamesContinue reading “My quintessential Jorge Posada memory”

Dead retail stores of our lives

I read a story today on Forbes’ website arguing that Best Buy, through a combination of the Internet (e.g. Amazon), poor customer service, poor internal inventory and logistics and a general societal shift away from bricks-and-mortar retailers, is slowly headed toward a rapid fall. I’ve thought for a couple of years now that Best BuyContinue reading “Dead retail stores of our lives”

United Concordia doesn’t understand the phrase “open season”

I take the Metro to work each day in Washington, D.C., and as I ascend toward ground level at the Verizon Center, I’ve been passing an advertisement for United Concordia about the savings you can get from its dental plans. Presumably, it’s also open-enrollment season. Thus, you’d think, there could be a way to useContinue reading “United Concordia doesn’t understand the phrase “open season””

Society’s quality-control problem with editing

Depleted newsrooms are every day illustrating what a lack of copy editing does — a slow sapping of quality and quality control. It doesn’t mean no news is gathered or that the language is destroyed, but the effect might be more insidious. Only the most able-eyed and loudest notice, and their noise is often dismissedContinue reading “Society’s quality-control problem with editing”